White Star

White Star (and similar) may refer to:

  • Any star with a suitable spectral type
  • WhiteStar, a Sega Pinball /Stern Pinball's hardware platform for their pinball games
  • White Star (Babylon 5), a fictional starship or class of starship in the Babylon 5 universe
  • White Star (cider), a type of British white cider
  • White Star Line steamship company
  • Whitestar, a common name for the morning glory species Ipomoea lacunosa
  • White Star Woluwé F.C., a football club in Belgium
  • FBC White Star, a football club in Peru
  • Operation White Star, name for a U.S military assistance program to the government of Laos from 1959-1962.
  • The Order of the White Star of Estonia
  • Tesla Model S, previously codename Whitestar, a Tesla Motors electric sedan
  • Wisła Kraków, a football club in Poland
  • White Star, Kentucky
  • or U+2606, a Unicode character
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